Real-time data capture

Capture and access data instantly on mobile and web, enabling timely decision-making and streamlining of data management processes.

Customizable Analytics

Tailor forms and analytics to specific business needs and goals, extracting valuable insights from captured data.

Regulatory compliance

Ensure adherence to industry regulations and standards by capturing and analyzing data relevant to compliance requirements.

Risk mitigation

Identify and address potential compliance risks proactively through continuous monitoring and analysis of relevant data.


Intelliforma is a cutting-edge platform that seamlessly integrates powerful data management and analytics tools with customisable forms.

Our solution allows businesses to effortlessly capture, organize, and analyze captured data across both web and mobile devices, gaining valuable insights to drive informed decision-making and optimize operations and empowering organizations to maintain compliance with industry regulations and standards, manage risks effectively, and uphold strong governance practices.

Form Store

Ready to use forms

The form store allow customers to include and customise existing forms such as Requests, Incidents, Investigations and Audit forms. Simply select the forms or form packages you require, configure and adjust them for your individual needs and start capturing the data on both web and mobile devices.

Data and Analytics

Dashboards and Reporting

Build custom dashboards and reports for your captured form data. Capture additional manual data on a regular basis or integrate external metrics through our custom API.

Custom Workflows

Workflow and Notifications

Build custom workflows and setup internal or external notifications for each form.

Form Components

Configurable Forms

Custom Surveys, Questionnaires, Risk Matrices and Cost Tracking components can easily be integrated into existing forms or your own custom forms.

Data Access

Extensive API for your data

Our API allows full access to your data from external sources including the ability to synchronise in external data to be used for reporting and lookup purposes.


Microsoft O365

Integrates seamlessly into Microsoft O365 allowing users to login on both the mobile and web without a separate username or password.



Data Management and Analytics

Instant Data Capture

By providing the same consistent customisable form and workflow experience across the web and mobile devices your employees can focus on inputting the data and not about HOW they input data.

Enhanced data visualization

Visualize data in intuitive formats such as charts and graphs for easier understanding and analysis.

Improved efficiency

Streamline data management processes, reducing manual errors and saving time on data entry and analysis tasks.

Informed decision-making

Make data-driven decisions backed by comprehensive insights derived from captured and analyzed data.

Compliance and Governance

Audit readiness

Prepare for audits more effectively by maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of compliance-related data.

Increased transparency

Enhance transparency and accountability by providing stakeholders with access to comprehensive compliance data and reports.

Cost savings

Minimize the financial impact of non-compliance by avoiding penalties and fines through effective compliance management.

Our Team

Meet some of our Intelliforma team.

Maria Nita

Web Developer

Scott Rafferty

Founder of Albaware Limited, Intelliforma and co-founder of The Loft co-working space in Edinburgh.

Reuben Smart

Senior developer and technical lead


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