Web and Mobile App Development

We provide Web and Mobile App development, wiring and prototyping.


We offer very specific services to our clients. Rather than be a catch all development consultancy we focus on three key areas.

Startup App Consultancy

Help and advice to startup or semi-established companies who require web or mobile applications as part of their business model. By seeking the best advice beforehand you could save yourself and your company thousands of pounds in unnecessary development and design costs.

Web/IOS App Dev

Using modern web development frameworks such as React JS and IOS we develop blazing fast web and mobile applications. We also port existing templates and applications over to React so that you can take advantage of this latest web technology.

API / Backend Development

We provide backend development services on a number of different stacks including Microsoft, LAMP, J2EE or Flask. We can help you to create a scaleable, secure and robust API for your apps that can handle millions of requests.

Startup Application Bootcamp

As a startup company it can be quite daunting to navigate the requirements to getting a web application, mobile application and API up and running in a short amount of time. We can help guide you through this process.

Templating and Wiring

We have a simple model. Select a base template from the many thousands available or provide us with your designers prototype and we will wire the functionality into the application using React JS.

API / Data Storage

We can develop a robust API and Data Storage solution to suit your needs. Looking to build the next tech unicorn? Ensuring that you have the scaleability and security built in at this stage will save you a lot of time later. We can point out the best practices and techniques.


I have been working alongside Albaware for around 10 years now, both with a previous organisation and now with Serimax. Their ideas and expertise allow me to have bespoke technology which meet my needs, make data collection, collation and analysis a simple and time efficient process. The fact that Albaware has a good understanding of HSE and Q systems, processes and legislative requirements makes the working relationship easy and efficient.

Helen Dornan, HSEQS Director at Serimax

Albaware possess not only rock-solid technical and project management skills along with a can-do attitude, but also an exceptionally creative flair, as well as an excellent sense of, and predictive abilities concerning, the ever-shifting, ever-progressing technology landscape.

Joe Carbonella, Director Client Relations at Ixxus North America

About Albaware

Albaware Limited was founded in 2012 as a continuation of IT Associates UK Limited, a software development consultancy based in London, UK. As a company Albaware has been involved with some of the largest projects in Europe, including developing the production software for the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany.

Scott Rafferty

Founder and CEO

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